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Hello, my name is Cherese Blessette, and I am the director and lead teacher at 232 Playschool. I was born and raised in New York, in a rather large and very loving family! After graduating from high school, I moved to portland to pursue my teaching degree. Once i earned my degree in Early Childhood Education-6, I moved back to the city to start a family, and embark on my career in childcare. I truly love what I do! I am dedicated to the social and emotional development of each child and make it my goal to ensure each child receives the care, love, and patience they deserve.

Thank you for your interest in my program!


Every child is unique…
At 232 Playschool we recognize every child as unique, capable, competent individuals with varied needs, interests and abilities. We believe children learn best through play that is child-initiated and directed, interest-based, fun and
provides an opportunity for challenge. Here we empower children to actively participate in their own learning, make choices about their day, ask questions and understand how to navigate the world around them.


At 232 Playschool,
we recognize the benefits of play-based learning and believe that it’s essential to helping children understand and relate to the world around them. While the idea of learning through play is commonly understood, we bring this concept to life with teachers that foster and create an environment where children learn to confidently navigate a classroom with their teachers and other children. We strongly believe that children “become” by learning through play. Through play children are honing life skills they will be using throughout their actual daily life like turn-taking, negotiating, idea sharing, language development, conflict resolution, empathy
and problem-solving just to name a few. We provide a mix of experiences that spark curiosity, inspire exploration and promote independence. We’ve designed
our care environment with play and learning areas that allow children to explore various developmentally appropriate activities based on their interest. Some of our favorite areas include our cozy reading area ( for literacy, relaxation and respite). Sensory area (for spatial awareness and learning through
the five senses), and music and movement area (for physical activity and cultural learning).
We’re excited to work with your family and your child to help them form social relationships (especially those who are going to school for the first time)and can’t
wait to see them learn and grow in our program!

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